Visiting Our Long Beach Family Dental Office

    If you’ve never visited our Long Beach family dental practice, you may be wondering what happens here. Well, every visit is uniquely customized to our patient’s needs, but here’s an overview of a few of the things that commonly happen in our dental practice. When you make an appointment, you may notice the following.

    Fun, Anxiety-Free Environment

    As implied by our name, “fun” is at the heart of everything we do. Our dentists and assistants love their jobs, and that’s apparent when you visit our office. We work hard to make sure that our patients feel comfortable and at ease. That means working slowly and explaining processes to our patients, but we also customize our approach to ensure it works for each individual patient.

    Comfortable First Dental Appointments

    When kids come to our Long Beach family dental office, we know that we are setting the tone for their future dental experiences, and again, we work hard to ensure that our young patients don’t feel anxious about their time in the dental chair. Usually, children’s first dental visits start with a brief oral exam and some X-rays. Then, if the child needs follow-up work, we schedule that, and we also do routine cleanings for our young patients.

    Rewards and Sugar-Free Candy

    One of the elements that sets our practice apart from most Long Beach family dental offices is our No Cavity Club and our candy store. When kids complete an appointment with no cavities or no new cavities, they earn a chance to win a bicycle, and we do a drawing every six months. Our candy shop is absolutely innovative, and both parents and kids love it. There, we stock a wide range of sugar-free, super tasty candies so you can indulge your sweet tooth without worrying about cavities.

    Braces for Everyone

    In addition to offering dental care for children at our Long Beach family dental practice, we also offer orthodontic treatment to people of all ages. Because of that, it’s a common sight to see a parent in one chair getting their Invisalign or braces, while their child is conveniently in the next room getting dental care.

    Lots of Referrals

    As you visit our practice, you may also notice a lot of referrals coming through the door. Our patients like our Long Beach dental practice so much that they frequently tell their friends and family about us. To encourage these recommendations, we offer rewards to our patients. Past bonuses have included movie tickets and gift certificates to local shops and restaurants. Beyond that, we offer VIP perks to patients who recommend more than three new patients per year.

    If you are ready to make an appointment, contact our Long Beach family dental office today. FUNtastic Pediatric Dental is a pediatric dentist in the Long Beach, CA area. We provide a pain-free, anxiety-free environment for children who need routine dental care, and we offer orthodontics to both children and adults.