“The staff is always friendly and helpful. My son never complains about having to go for his checkups and of course looks forward to his prize at the end.”

Rebecca H., Long Beach, CA

“Amazing experience as usual!! LOVE LOVE LOVE this place!!! When I changed insurance, I kept my dental insurance though, specifically so that I keep FUNtastic dental as our dentist. They have so many offers every month. They sent my daughter a Birthday flyer for her birthday. We brought it in to the office and she received a gift certificate for Baskin- Robbins. I love everything and everyone at this place. The technicians and the dentist always helps to ease any anxiety and fear that my daughter may have. Their patience and compassion are the reasons we continue to come back.”

Joyce M., Long Beach, CA

“Every dentist office should be as efficient as this place. Excellent customer service and this is coming from someone who managed very busy clinics with anywhere from 10-12 docs over a period of 11 years. They even told us what our out of pocket cost would be before they started the treatment.  Everyone greeted us with a smile, we had a minimal wait time, and everything was explained to my 3 year old.  My son enjoyed himself, which is an experience I wish I had as a young child.”

Precious S., Tujunga, CA

“My kids and I aren’t big fans of visiting the dentist but this place is specifically designed to make your child feel at ease during their visit. They can watch videos while the work is being done, the children in the lobby have video games and other activites to keep them busy, and the staff is the most professional you will find anywhere. I’ve never seen kids so excited to get their teeth taken care of but this place has it all. We’ll never go anywhere else.”

Zen U., Long Beach, CA

This place was honestly heaven sent. It was such a breath of fresh air after experiencing poor service from some other place that’s not worth mentioning lol. The staff and the dentist were super friendly and made my toddler feel at ease. Thank you for the hospitality and the great service!”

Namuti A., Long Beach, CA

“Great place. My child was completely at ease, the staff was incredibly kind and communicative. There is a lot of effort put into making their costumers comfortable. The service goes above and beyond with tv’s on the ceiling for kids to watch during exams, prizes for no cavities and a raffle for kids who are part of the no cavity club.”

Sarah D., Huntington Beach, CA