Newsletter – June 2011

    A Special Farewell Message to a Great Team Member
    Bring in your report card
    Watermelon Recipe

    3 Bad Moves

    Patient Quiz

    A Special Farewell Message to a Great Team Member

    Dr. Daniel Klein’s FUNtastic Pediatric Dental & Orthodontics team would like to bid a special farewell to former dental assistant Del De Soto. She and her family are ecstatic to start a new chapter of their lives and we are happy for them too. Del was part of Dr. Daniel Klein’s FUNtastic team for nearly three years as a wonderful Dental Assistant and definitely left her mark at the practice.

    Her dedication to patient service and upbeat personality made her a pleasure to work with and a great team member. Dr. Daniel Klein’s FUNtastic team has been blessed to have shared so many memories with Del and she will be dearly missed. We will keep you updated on any news about her and her family this summer!


    Ever wanted to have your teeth straightened but were afraid it might hurt or cost too much?


    Our office now offers Invisalign®- the way to straighten your teeth without braces.

    • The Invisalign system is ground-breaking technology that straightens your teeth with a series of clear, customized, removable aligners. The aligner is a thin piece of medical-grade plastic that fits over the teeth like a glove fits on a hand. Hardly anyone can tell you’re going through treatment. And, because the aligners are removable, you can eat whatever you want during treatment.
    • Learn about Invisalign treatment at or on our website at
    • We also want you to know that our office can work with you to find a financing option that will work with your budget.
    • To see if Invisalign is right for you (it can work for adults and teens), please call us at 562-912-2007 to schedule a consultation.

    Thank you for your commitment to our practice. We hope you, a family member, or one of your friends can benefit from this exciting news.


    Dr. Daniel Klein believes in the value of a good education. Have your child bring in their most recent report card and they will receive POINTS for good grades.

    Every ‘A’ on your report card equals points! Bring them in on your appointment or just stop by any time with your report card.

    If your school does not give out A’s, NO WORRIES. We will accept the equivalent.

    P.s. Bring your patient rewards card with you for even extra points!

    Watermelon Cookies
    Forget chocolate chip, try this for cookies.

    Vanilla-flavored Greek yogurt
    Sprinkles (optional)

    Slice melon into 1-inch-thick slabs, then use cookie cutters to make shapes.

    Frost your treats with vanilla-flavored Greek yogurt (spoon the yogurt into a squeeze bottle to make decorating really fun and easy) and top them with sprinkles if you like.

    Courtesy of Disney Family Fun

    3 Bad Moves for Your Back

    1. Bending at your waist to lift: This position places undue strain on the ligaments and discs of your back. It can cause early wear and tear. Rather, bend with your hips and knees to lift an object. Hold the object close to your body, then lift using the strength of your legs.

    2. Sitting: done improperly and done too long, it can cause damage to your back and tighten up your hip muscles. Proper posture and good chairs with back support can help. Also, getting up to walk around regularly is important. Taking regular stretch breaks will help lessen the effect of sitting.

    3. Twisting Your Spine while lifting: This position can lead to a disc herniation. Always use good lifting techniques. Square yourself to the object you are lifting, lift using your legs, keep the object close to your body and turn your whole body to go to where you want the object to be.

    Courtesy of

    *If you have any questions, or would like to schedule a visit, please call 562-912-2007 email
    Dr. Daniel Klein at

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