Why Metal Braces are a Great Option for Your Child

    Why Metal Braces are a Great Option for Your Child

    If your child is ready for braces, there are several options to choose from including traditional metal braces, clear braces and Invisalign plastic aligners. There are pros and cons to each of these options; the best choice for your child will depend to a large extent on your child’s age, and on your budget.

    Traditional metal braces are the most common choice, and are the best choice for many children and their families, for several reasons:

    • Less expensive. Choosing traditional metal braces is still the most cost-effective method of straightening your child’s teeth or correcting a bite problem in your child’s mouth.
    • Smaller and less noticeable than what many adults remember. While many of today’s parents who had braces themselves in the ’80s and ’90s remember large, clunky braces, today’s metal braces are smaller and less noticeable.
    • Kids can express themselves through the use of colored bands. While metal braces are the most obvious way to straighten teeth, some children enjoy making the most of the metal in their mouths while they have braces. By adding brightly-colored rubber bands, children can show off their own style.
    • Durable. Made of stainless steel or titanium, traditional metal braces are strong and durable. They are intended to remain in your child’s mouth for an extended period of time, so they’re made to be tough.
    • Can correct complex problems. Traditional metal braces can be used to close gaps in your child’s teeth, correct crooked teeth, and correct bite problems. They may correct these types of issues faster than using a removable Invisalign device because the metal braces cannot be removed by your child.

    Advantages of Braces go Beyond Straighter Teeth

    The goals for, and advantages of, treatment through braces are the same, regardless of what option you choose for your child. By helping straighten your child’s teeth, braces will also be correcting bite issues. Braces can also decrease the chance of trauma for your child’s anterior teeth and help restore your child’s confidence in his or her appearance. Finally, braces also lower the need for extracting permanent teeth and lowers the need for surgical procedures to correct bite issues.

    Metal braces are just as effective in helping your child get a beautiful smile as other options, and are often the best choice for children and their families.

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