How can I get them their whitest by prom night and graduation?

    The dress is bought, the tux has been rented, the shoes have been picked out, the hairstyle is determined, makeup is a go, but your teeth are a bit dingy. Don’t worry, this article will show you how to brighten up your smile before the big night, without paying hundreds of dollars for zoom whitening.

    Today, there are loads of bleaching treatments that can help you achieve a whiter smile. For an easy over-the-counter tooth-brightening solution, Dr. Daniel Klein recommends whitening strips, which are clear, peroxide-coated plastic strips that stick to your front teeth. You can pick up a 21-day supply from our office. We offer “Crest White strips Supreme Professional Whitening”, which provides you with up to 80% more whitening than the leading retail brand. Being that this is a professionally dispensed whitening formula, it is only available through our office and is not available at retail stores.

    On top of our one-of-a-kind whitening strips, take these preventive actions to keep teeth white and sparkling:

    • Avoid soda, tea, and coffee, which stain teeth.
    • If you do drink soda or coffee, use a straw to prevent discoloration of the upper front teeth or brush after consuming these beverages.
    • Consistently brush and use dental floss on your teeth. Use toothpaste with whitening agents. (Whitening Toothpaste included with your kit in our office)