FUNtastic Pediatric Dental Does Adult Braces Too!

    FUNtastic Pediatric Dental Does Adult Braces Too!

    Parents spend a lot of time behind the wheel of the car. You probably drive your child to soccer practice, piano lessons, or thousands of other events throughout the year. Then, if you’re like most parents, you just have to sit in the car and wait.

    Braces don’t have to be like that. At FUNtastic Pediatric Dental, you can get adult braces at the very same time that your child gets orthodontic treatment. There are actually numerous advantages to making the experience a family affair.


    When you choose to get adult braces at your child’s orthodontist, you make the process more convenient for everyone. You can make one appointment for both your adult braces and your children’s braces. That means you drive to the orthodontist’s office once. You don’t have to make multiple trips or worry about overlapping schedules.

    You simply pick a time that works for both you and your child. If you like, you can even set up orthodontic care for yourself and multiple children. Now, rather than sitting in the waiting room, you are getting orthodontic care too.

    Modeling Good Behavior

    If your child has any fears about going to the orthodontist, it may help him or her to see you in the chair also. When you get adult braces at the same place, you can model calm behavior for your child. That can help your child through the experience.

    Life Lessons

    On top of modeling positive patient behavior, you are teaching your child a useful life lesson. Adults turn to braces for a number of different reasons. Some need to fix issues with their bite, others are tired of having crooked teeth, some need to repair orthodontic issues from when they were a child, and others have completely different reasons altogether.

    Regardless of the exact reasons, adult braces signal one important thing to your children—it’s never too late to make a change. If your child ever gets stuck thinking that they it’s too late to start playing a sport, too late to try a new hobby, or too late to try something else, they can look to you as an example. They can see that it’s never too late to make an important change in your life or try something new. Adult braces may seem like a minor thing, but symbolically, they can be a major thing.

    Catered to You

    A quick note, when you get adult braces, the experience is catered to you. The orthodontist helps you choose the right braces for your needs. You don’t necessarily need to get the same braces as your child. For example, you might decide that cost-effective metal braces are right for your child, but that Invisalign or clear braces are better for you. That is perfectly fine.

    If you’re ready for a change, adult braces may be just the thing. Consider making the process extra convenient by going to FUNtastic Pediatric Dental along with your child.

    After your appointment, you can even treat yourselves to one of the sugar-free treats in the candy store. To learn more about family orthodontics, please contact us today.