From the desk of Dr. Daniel Klein

    From the desk of Dr. Daniel Klein

    Now is the time to think about “Open Enrollment” for Dental Insurance and it is also the time to prepare your Flex Spending Accounts for the coming year. Most businesses have the month of October as the time to make changes to your dental plan that will become effective in January. Often, we find that people seem to think they know what they have signed up for, only to find out they wished they had chosen the other insurance for their orthodontic needs. Sometimes this mistake can delay treatment for a full year. We would like to help you in making the best choice. Please call the office now for your FREE consultation appointment.

    In addition, having a consultation appointment before January 2010 can help prepare you for your medical and dental taxed free savings known as Flex Spending Accounts or Cafeteria Plans.

    Tell a friend too! They would be grateful that you reminded them about their benefits of having Orthodontics in Long Beach.


    Dr. Daniel Klein