Meet the Guardians: Agent Floss and Our Family Dentist Have 5 Tips to Help Your Child Floss Their Teeth

    Meet the Guardians: Agent Floss and Our Family Dentist Have 5 Tips to Help Your Child Floss Their Teeth

    There are many benefits to regularly flossing our teeth – doing so can help remove food particles that can cause plaque and tooth decay.

    You know your child should be flossing their teeth, but getting them to do so on a regular basis can be a challenge. Never fear: Agent Floss is here! If you’re not familiar with Agent Floss, he’s a member of The Guardians of the Smile – a team of cartoon defenders of your child’s teeth designed to make dental hygiene more fun and engaging for even the youngest of patients.

    Here are five tips to help you encourage your child to floss every day, so it just becomes a routine part of every day.

    1. Teach by example. Your children automatically want to be like you, and do what you do. So, there’s no better way to encourage flossing than to do it right alongside them, leading by example.
    2. Start with flossing sticks. Because it can be hard to teach a child to wrap floss around their fingers and to hold it in place while flossing, consider getting them started with flossing using disposable flossing sticks. They come in a variety of bright colors and may have familiar characters to help make flossing fun.
    3. Use positive reinforcement. Instead of nagging your child about flossing, try using positive reinforcement when they do it. For younger children, getting a (non-food) reward like a colorful sticker can be a great incentive. Some parents have found that creating a bedtime routine chart is helpful in getting their children to do everything they need to do before bed, including brushing and flossing their teeth. Seeing their weekly chart fill with stickers can be motivating.
    4. Do “double duty” with flossing. For children who are learning to count, use flossing time as an opportunity to help them count the teeth in their mouths. As they floss in-between each tooth, they get to count it. This can also help ensure they don’t miss any teeth in the process.
    5. Invite Agent Floss to help with their routine! Kids love stories, so making up a story about our caped superhero with his “Flosser 3000 backpack” coming to save the day can make flossing fun – use your imagination. The details don’t matter as much as getting your child to enjoy flossing, so it becomes second nature.

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    By implementing some or all of these tips, you can make flossing a regular part of your child’s routine, rather than a tiresome chore.

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