Children’s Dentistry for Anxious Patients

    As specialists in children’s dentistry, the team at FUNtastic Dental understands that working with kids requires an entirely different approach than working with adults. We can appreciate that visiting the dentist is a new experience for our young patients and that it can make them feel anxious. After all, they are small and everything looks big and overwhelming from their point of view. The empathy we have for our pediatric patients and their families is at the heart of everything we do here at FUNtastic Dental.

    We Take a Different Approach to Children’s Dentistry

    You and your child will notice the difference with our pediatric dental practice before you even open the front door. We have decorated the glass hallway surrounding our office with cartoon characters that children love. Once inside, you will walk directly into our Dental Theme Park where we perform our services for children. We might be cleaning their teeth, but the fun surroundings help your child to relax and even enjoy the visit. After their appointment, you and your child are welcome to stop by our sugar-free candy store and pick out a delicious treat for purchase.

    Almost Pain-Free Dental Appointments

    We know that the best way to gain the trust of our young patients is to always mean what we say. If we say that a dental procedure will not hurt them and it does, it can set the stage for dental anxiety that lasts well into the adult years. We take every precaution to be a pain-free dental office but we know that everyone has different levels of pain tolerance. If we think something might hurt, we’ll be honest and let your child know what to expect.

    Our dentists take the time to explain exactly what they are doing during routine cleanings and any required follow-up care. While we use simple and age-appropriate language, we do not ever talk down to your children. That is because we respect them as fellow human beings who just happen to be young. Our relationship with patients is more of a trusted adult friend rather than a position of authority.

    We Help You Help Your Child

    Children who feel sensitive to overstimulation from light and sound will feel more comfortable using earmuffs or sunglasses designed just for kids. We have even introduced weighted blankets to our children’s dentistry practice to help reduce anxiety during an exam. Your son or daughter can help pass the time while waiting by playing video games or reading a book with you about pediatric oral health.

    We welcome you and your child to tour our office before his or her first appointment with us. Sitting in the dental chair during this visit can help your child know what to expect before the day of the appointment arrives. It is our hope that seeing friendly faces and dental staff who answers children’s questions directly will help your child view visiting the dentist in a whole new light.

    If you’d like to make an appointment, please contact us today or call 562-912-2007.