Children Love Our Long Beach Dental Office

    If you’re looking for a Long Beach dental office for your children, you may want to check out FUNtastic Pediatric Dental. Children love our dental clinic, and that makes trips to the dentist easier and less stressful. Here’s just a few of the reasons kids (and their parents) like our office so much.

    Theme Park Design

    While creating our Long Beach dental clinic, we kept kids in mind and designed our dental office like a theme park. We want patients to get a sense of fun the moment they walk in the door, and we want that sensation to continue until they are sitting in the chair. That’s even true when patients are getting work done.

    Entertainment in the Chair

    When our patients are in the dental chair, they can watch movies or sometimes even play games to keep their minds occupied, but we don’t just rely on distractions to keep patients comfortable. We also focus on virtually pain-free care. We use very gentle dentistry techniques and give all our patients the care they need to stay relaxed and comfortable, regardless of the work they are getting done.

    No Cavity Club

    To reward our patients who come in and have absolutely no cavities, we have a No Cavity Club. To join the club, you just need to have no cavities during your six month appointment. If you’ve previously had cavities, but have no new cavities since your last appointment, you can still join the club. Every six months, members of the No Cavity Club get entered into a drawing, and the winner receives a new bicycle. We know kids are different sizes so we offer a bike that is just their size.

    Fun Characters

    Our Meet the Guardians campaign taps into a child’s sense of imagination. The Guardians of the Smile are a group of time travelers who stopped by the FUNtastic Long Beach dental offices to learn how to improve their smiles.

    The leader, Jimmy Bristle, is focused on brushing with a turbo-powered toothbrush. Agent Floss helps to get the gunk out from in between the teeth and on the gum line, and Bounce uses a shield to deflect decay off his teeth. When kids come to our Long Beach dental office, they can learn about Groove, Ion, and the rest of the gang. Kids love the sense of imaginative play that permeates this dental clinic, and their parents love how these characters encourage their kids to take care of their teeth.

    Sugar-Free Candy Store

    There is also a sugar-free candy store at this Long Beach dental clinic. To stock the shelves of our candy store, we did a lot of research and a lot of taste testing to find the best sugar-free candy. We even have a lot of the big name brands in candy. Do you like Peeps, Jolly Ranchers, Gummy Bears, or Pop Rocks? Then check out the sugar-free candy store where we have all of those brands and more.

    If you’re ready for a dentist that your child will truly enjoy, it’s time to check out our Long Beach dental office. To learn more or to set up an appointment, contact us today. We look forward to treating your child.