Can a Bandage do the Job?

    Would you stick a bandage on your child’s tooth and then expect your child’s mouth to stay healthy? Yuck!– we didn’t think so.

    Like bandages, fillings have their place to protect your child’s tooth after the damage has been done. For sure a filling is no cure for cavities, if proper hygiene isn’t practiced daily. That’s one of the reasons we encourage your child to visit our dental office regularly.

    Streptococcus mutans, the major cavity-causing bacterium, uses sugar to produce acids that dissolve dental enamel. Everyone is at risk for cavities and other bacterially based problems like gum disease. Your child’s risks increase if your child eats a lot of carbohydrates and especially, if your child suffers from dry mouth (xerostomia) because saliva is your child’s natural buffer against acid.

    Thanks to minimally invasive technology and procedures, we can remove less healthy tooth enamel than in the past, but prevention is still your child’s number-one cure!