How a Braces Dentist Can Help Your Child

    A braces dentist can help your children improve their smile and safeguard an important aspect of their dental health for the rest of their lives. There are a range of types of braces, and that makes it easy to choose exactly what your child needs. Here’s what you need to know about FUNtastic braces in particular.

    3 Types of Braces

    At FUNtastic, we offer the three major types of braces. That includes the following:

    Traditional Metal Braces

    The most economical option, these braces feature metal brackets which are affixed to your child’s teeth and wires that run between the brackets. The braces dentist strategically tightens the wires so that your child’s teeth shift into the desired spots.

    Ceramic Clear Braces

    These braces for children work just like metal braces, but instead of being made of metal, they feature ceramic. The ceramic is designed to match your child’s teeth. This option is best for patients who want a subtle approach to orthodontics.


    This is a combination of the terms “invisible” and “aligners”. Rather than being permanently affixed to your teeth, this orthodontic solution is actually a set of removable trays that work like retainers.

    A Typical Appointment With a Braces Dentist

    Generally, the process of getting braces starts with a consultation with the braces dentist. This professional notes any issues that your child has and makes a plan to straighten his or her teeth. During this appointment, you can also discuss payment methods and insurance coverage.

    After the consultation, you schedule an appointment to get the braces installed. Then, you return for a follow up appointment a few weeks later. During follow up appointments, the braces dentist assess your child’s progress and adjusts the braces or aligners as needed.

    If the braces have developed any issues, the braces dentist can address that as well. Potential issues may include loose brackets or detached wires. The dentist can attach the bracket using a bit of adhesive, and if needed, he or she can reattach the wire to the bracket.

    Benefits of Braces

    Braces help your child’s bite. If your child’s bite is off, teeth may rub against each other in the wrong way, and that can wear down enamel. Additionally, a misaligned bite can lead to tension headaches or other issues. When you invest in braces for children, that helps your child avoid these issues in the future.

    There is also aesthetic value to getting braces. Your child gets to enjoy a straighter more beautiful smile. That can help boost your child’s self esteem and make life easier.

    Braces for Adults

    However, the braces dentist at FUNtastic does not just offer braces for children. You can also get adult braces. Many adults opt for ceramic braces or Invisalign—they prefer the more subtle look of these braces compared to metal braces. If your child is going to FUNtastic, you can even schedule your appointments together.

    Do you want to improve your child’s smile? Need help with your own smile or both? Then, contact us today. At FUNtastic Pediatric Dental, we offer services for the whole family. In addition to braces, we also offer routine dental care and more.