Craniofacial Acceptance Month

    We here at Dr. Daniel Klein’s Funtastic Dental & Orthodontics take pride in caring for your children’s dental health no matter what condition, impairment, disability, special need, or disorder your child may have. This month we are helping spread the knowledge about Craniofacial Disorders. But we are not alone. Across

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    April is… National Child Abuse Prevention Month!

      April is…. National Child Abuse Prevention Month! “Child abuse casts a shadow the length of a lifetime” -Herbert Ward In the U.S. alone over 4 children die everyday from abuse and neglect in their homes. To call attention to this horrific reality and to help raise awareness during National Child

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      April is… Autism Awareness Month!

        Although April has traditionally been Autism Awareness Month, the U.S. Senate adopted a resolution on Feb.13 designating April 2007 as “National Autism Awareness Month.” The resolution reflects the Senate’s recognition of the autism epidemic, noting the CDC’s new prevalence statistic of 1 in 150, and a commitment to raising awareness

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        Pain-FREE Dental Care

          From the latest technologies to the newest techniques like “Invisalign” invisible braces, together with our “Dental Theme Park” atmosphere, we deliver a total Dental experience that is pain-FREE or as close to pain-FREE as you can possibly get.

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          Dental Theme-Park

            Dental Theme-Park Let’s start with the fun stuff! Dr. Daniel Klein has designed a “Dental Theme Park” in Long Beach, CA that will boggle your mind, so be sure to take the virtual office tour on this site to see for yourself. But, once you’re in the dentist’s chair, the

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