BEWARE: Whitening Coming To A Mall Near You…

    Buying your teenager jeans and getting their teeth whitened at a shopping mall is a risky match. Whitening kiosks are popping up in shopping malls and causing great concerns.

    Whitening is the most requested teenage cosmetic dental procedure. Studies say, a dazzling smile may make them look more attractive and boosts their self-esteem. It also may make them seem more successful and friendlier. These benefits will not be realized if you seek treatment at a whitening kiosk. Why? Chances are the mall “technician” won’t do the procedure properly. Don’t let the scrubs or white coats they’re wearing fool you. They are costumes used for effect. Kiosk operators do not have the state-mandated training that dental professionals have, to perform whitening procedures. To get around legal requirements, a kiosk operator will not administer the whitening chemicals; you will apply them. And if something goes wrong, a kiosk operator won’t know what to do. Kiosk operators will likely use the same over-the-counter products that you can buy from your local pharmacy or covertly obtain the powerful whitening agents that only a dental professional can legally buy. Super-strength whitening agents can result in damage to your teenager’s gums and cause their teeth to be extremely sensitive to hot, cold, and sweet foods.

    We comply with state laws that govern your teenager’s care, which keeps them safe. The salesperson in the mall won’t know if your teenager has periodontal disease, a broken tooth, or any other problem that could prevent your teenager from getting a whitening treatment.

    Remember, to the kiosk operator, your teenager is just another paying customer: Get you in; get your money; get you out. Being a patient is a different philosophy of service. Helping your teenager maintain their oral health is our goal. If your teenager is ready to enhance their smile, buy the jeans; then give us a call.

    Our licensed professional dentists deliver dental services- safely!