FUNtastic Pediatric Dental is the Best Children’s Emergency Dentist in Long Beach

    A dental theme park? Sure, it might sound unbelievable, but that’s what we’ve created at FUNtastic Pediatric Dental, and it’s a great place to take a kid in a dental emergency. At FUNtastic Pediatric Dental our team tries very hard to create a positive view of dentists and to remove any fears kids may have about visiting the dentist’s office. This approach encourages children to embrace routine dental visits and proper dental hygiene well into their adult years.

    The Team

    Not only has the team at FUNtastic Pediatric Dental dedicated years of practice and study to the field of pediatric dentistry, they have also shaped their clinic to be fun for kids. At FUNtastic Pediatric Dental, even the hygienists receive the best compliments from families about how they take care of their patients. Modern treatments can offer your kids the fun, pain-free visits they’ve always wished for. The appointments are fun, and both pain- and anxiety-free for our patients. And as a bonus, worry-free for parents.

    Dentistry for Kids

    The founder, Dr. Daniel Klein has a low tolerance for pain which is coupled by a strong dislike for needles. That is what inspired him to create Long Beach’s only Dental Theme Park. The doctors come from the nation’s top dental schools, but there’s more:

    • We can see emergencies the day you call
    • We offer multiple treatment options and align treatment plans to your budget
    • We are a latex-free office
    • We provide referrals to the best specialists in the area: periodontists, endodontists, as well as oral surgeons as needed

    Creating a Pleasant Experience

    Pediatric dentistry requires a high level of empathy to a child’s physical and emotional sensitivity, and for that reason we put together some tips to make your child’s first dental visit as enjoyable as possible:

    • Bring your child into our office for a free tour to help them become comfortable even before they need an appointment. They can check out video games, talk with and ask questions of our staff, and even try out the dental chair!
    • We suggest you read stories about children who have conquered fears to let them know fear is normal. Also read books about teeth with them, to encourage curiosity, rather than fear.
    • You may reward them after their exam with a sugar-free treat from our Candy Store.
    • Let your child bring along a favorite toy or stuffed animal to hold. That always helps.
    • And last, check out our ‘Comfort Menu’ where we offer free sunglasses, use of a weighted and soothing blanket, and even noise-reducing, kid-sized earmuffs. All these things can calm a worried child.

    These tips will help your child see the dentist as a fun place to go. Then when you need a children’s emergency dentist, your child will already be as comfortable as possible.

    Emergency Dentistry for Kids

    At some time in our lives, many of us need an emergency trip to the dentist. An emergency pediatric dentist is a professional dentist trained to handle a variety of oral emergencies. They are also general dentists, who offer preventative and general dental care. In emergencies, a professional children’s emergency dentist can give your child immediate treatment that may help stop pain, save a tooth, or stop serious infection.

    When to See an Emergency Pediatric Dentist

    When your child is experiencing such terrible pain or if the pain is preventing them from sleeping, that’s a sign they may have an infection and you should get emergency dental assistance. Contact us today to learn more or to set up an appointment for emergency treatment.