3 Types of Braces at FUNtastic Pediatric Dental!

    3 Types of Braces at FUNtastic Pediatric Dental!

    Some children are excited to get braces, viewing it as a rite of passage. Others dread it. At FUNtastic Pediatric Dental, we offer three types of braces to suit the needs of different children. Whether your child is interested in something that’s practically invisible or something a bit more fun, knowing all of your options can help you and your child choose the right style.

    Metal Braces

    Traditional metal braces are one of the most popular styles. The orthodontist will secure small, metal brackets to the teeth, then connect these with a wire. Adjusting the wire slowly pulls the teeth into place. Most people have to wear them for 18 to 24 months. Kids tend to like this style because we can use colorful rubber bands to make them stand out.

    Those who have metal braces need to avoid chewy, sticky, or hard foods. It’s important to care for the teeth and braces with proper brushing and flossing. Since the metal wire goes through the teeth, you’ll need to purchase a special type of floss that threads between the braces. This can be a bit inconvenient.

    It’s common to feel a bit of pain in the teeth each time the orthodontist adjusts the wires. The pain should subside after a few days.

    Ceramic Clear Braces

    Ceramic braces are similar to traditional braces, but the brackets are made from a clear ceramic material. There’s still a wire that goes through each of the brackets, but these braces aren’t quite as noticeable as the metal versions. This makes them more appealing to adults or older teenagers.

    Care for ceramic braces is similar to the care of metal braces. The major difference is that the ceramic is more likely to stain or break. It’s even more important to steer clear of hard foods like nuts. It’s also smart to avoid drinks that could stain the ceramic, like sodas, coffee, tea, or colored sports drinks. More frequent brushing can help reduce staining, but it won’t help if you’re sipping soda all day.

    Invisalign Braces

    Invisalign braces are still a fairly new concept. Rather than being semi-permanently stuck to your teeth, the Invisalign braces are like a removable mouth guard that slips over the teeth. It’s completely clear, so it’s barely noticeable, and the Invisalign aligners are more comfortable than traditional braces. The orthodontist starts by taking a current mold of your teeth, then makes a series of aligners that each slightly alter the position of the teeth. You’ll wear each aligner for about two weeks, then switch to the next one.

    You must remove the aligners whenever you eat, drink, or brush and floss your teeth. It’s best to brush the teeth after eating and before re-inserting the aligner, so these types of braces are not ideal for those who want to sip on a coffee throughout the day. If you remove the aligner too often, your progress won’t be as quick. You should keep them in for most of the day.

    At FUNtastic Pediatric Dental, we strive to find the right type of braces for the person. Come meet with one of orthodontists to get started on the path toward straighter teeth. You can make an appointment online or call us at 562-912-2007. We look forward to helping you achieve the straight, beautiful smile you desire!